Sometimes when rushing around so much, you can forget to just take time out for yourself, to breathe and enjoy the beauty the world has to offer.

After moving to London from the depths of the Staffordshire countryside, a huge void became apparent in my life – escapism.

I found myself settling into a routine of just waking up and heading to work and soon it became apparent I was missing the joyous peace and quiet of the rolling hills and the beauty of fresh air.

But little did I know, right here, on my doorstep in London, there was so much beauty and serenity to explore.

I now often find myself travelling our beautiful capital in search of tranquil treasures and much to my delight, I have not been disappointed.

I have been able to enjoy a London I never knew existed, a quiet and peaceful London, not too many worlds away from the leafy life of the country.

That said, I still enjoy breaking away from the city at weekends, escaping the hustle and bustle and journeying back into country life either back at my family home with the horses, or exploring new places from stately homes to hidden secret gardens, (mostly courtesy of the National Trust).

I began blogging to share with you my favourite spots, alongside revealing personal necessities from beauty to fashion finds and countryside essentials, which I use to make my limited free time as enjoyable as possible.

Join me on both my both urban and rural countryside adventures and be prepared for National Trust loving and the odd horsey post thrown in for good measure!

Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you enjoy reading my posts!

Lois x