Royal Windsor Horse Show is known for its world class equestrian events, unmissable entertainment and dangerously fantastic shopping. So where else could I begin my first visit to this iconic show than in the shopping village?

Celebrating it’s 75th anniversary, this year the show took place from May 9 until May 13, as always, in the Queen’s private grounds inside Windsor Castle.

Exhibiting for their first time, Sylvia Kerr Jewellery chose the show as a the perfect place to bring their equestrian themed jewellery out the customer.

Talking to me at the show, Head Designer and Director,  Sylvia Kerr, explained: “The best photography cannot put over the weight of the pieces, the tact,” “people need to touch it, feel it and pick it up and just engage with it and Windsor just seemed like a great place to start.”

The Sylvia Kerr collection is made up of a number of different ranges, from the classic stirrup themed Badminton to the elegant Burghley and gorgeous Blenheim collections; names inspired by equine events you may notice.

New for summer 2018 are the Polo and the unique Beitris. The Polo features pieces subtly incorporating all things polo, from a mallet, a helmet and even the ball, whilst the Beitris collection is a fusion of both equestrian and Arabic notes as Sylvia explains: “It evolved into this very summery, exotic, middle eastern feeling collection.”

“The best photography cannot put over the weight of the pieces”.

You may notice from the pictures, how Sylvia manages to incorporate the horse bit and curb chain into many of her designs, beautifully showcased in the Beitris earrings and Blenheim Tassel Neck Chain.

Despite this being an equestrian event, Sylvia’s aim is to ensure her jewellery appeals to any audience, both country and city, she says: “We definitely wanted it not just to appeal to the total equestrian, we wanted something that was just intrinsically, beautifully designed, that was aesthetically pleasing and not, omg that’s a polo stick.”

Have a watch of the video above to hear from Sylvia herself when I caught up with her at the 75th Royal Windsor Horse Show.

To check out her jewellery for yourself, head to the Sylvia Kerr Jewellery website.

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