Enjoying the incredible view from Corfe Castle

The National Trust, that’s just for when you’re retired, right?

Exactly what I thought before joining around one year ago, one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I have always had a great love for grand stately homes and picturesque gardens, there is something about the hidden secrets of a centuries old house that just never gets old.

If you are someone who is sat reading this post thinking National Trust memberships are just for people over the age of 65, then of course you are entitled to your own opinion, but I’d like to tell you a few things which I hope may change your mind!

Here are just a few reasons why I have fallen in love with the National Trust:

The view over Tatton Park estate from inside the Tudor hall

1. Escapism

One thing I love so much about the National Trust is that opportunity to completely escape away from the stresses of everyday life and enjoy a much deserved chill out in a calm and peaceful setting. Nothing beats the tranquillity of a National Trust venue when you just need  time out.


2. Value for money

It really is great value for money and lets face it, everything costs so much and living in London, you can feel the pinch.

Mark and I at Hughenden in High Wycombe

An idea of price ranges

Young person (13-25): £32.40 per year.

Adult (26+): £64.80 per year.

Family of two adults and up to 10 children or grandchildren: £114.60 per year.

Two adults living at the same address: £108 per year.

The entrance hall inside Osterley House in London

Once you’re a member, you can enjoy free admission to over 500 beautiful places across the country, not to mention free parking, a copy of the handbook, the National Trust magazines and their regular newsletters.

3. Instagram-able beauty

Wisteria at London’s Osterley Park

Unless there’s an Instagram post about it, you haven’t been there, right? Well you won’t have any trouble finding a beautiful spot to capture the perfect snap to brighten up your Instagram feed. Whether it’s the grandeur of an old stately home you are wanting to picture, the tranquillity of a quiet wood, or the beauty of a colourful walled garden, you really will be spoilt for choice

Convinced yet? The list goes on!

4. You can give yourself a pat on the back

Charlecote Park in Warwickshire

By becoming a member or even just visiting, you are helping to preserve some of our beautiful old houses and outdoor spaces. If the youngsters don’t help now, when we reach the age of 65  a lot of these stunning settings could be gone, the phrase, use it or lose it comes to mind!

Harry Potter fans- some of the scenes from the films were shot in the Lacock Abbey cloisters!

5. Perfect for present shopping

Every time my boyfriend Mark and I visit a National Trust venue, we always think, is anyone’s birthday coming up?

The shops are full of unique treats you don’t usually find on the high street, so if you have that certain someone who it just that little bit particular, try your luck in the shop on site, I am confident you wont be disappointed.

The restaurant at Osterley Park, and yes we ate in the stalls!

6. Stable restaurants

Who said stables were just for mucking out and feeding horses in? At many of the National Trust houses across the UK, the restaurants are located within the old stable yards. If you love horses, as I do, it is a real treat to step back in time and see the beauty of grand stables from the early 1900’s and sometimes even earlier. Grab some of the homemade soup of the day and just take a few minutes to enjoy the novelty of eating in a grand old stable.

7. Perfect for a picnic

Enjoying a picnic at Tatton Park

If you are looking for a super savvy day out, swap the stables restaurant for a picnic in the grounds. We often pack a cheeky bottle of prosecco, my much loved Joules picnic blanket and a bag full of snacks (you can never have enough food)!

Most National Trust venues invite those visiting to enjoy a picnic, so kick back, relax and enjoy a glass of bubbly in beautiful surroundings, cheers!

8. Horticultural heaven

Now I am certainly not one for growing flowers, I can just about tell a bluebell from a forget me not, anymore advanced and I’m afraid I’m lost. But the beauty of the flowers in the National Trust grounds never fails to amaze me.

Tatton Park’s Japanese Garden

So many incredible flowers grow in the National Trust gardens, even the most ambitious gardener could not fail to be inspired.

9. You can never get bored

No surprises for guessing where we visited this day!

With over 500 National Trust venues to visit across the country, there is no way of getting bored, and if you thought it was just old stately homes then you can think again. National Trust venues range from houses to castles to gardens, parks, beaches and pubs, yes you heard me correctly, they even have their own pubs which are steeped in history. Each place is unique in its own way and you are sure to stumble upon new secrets and surprises with each visit, we sure do!

Wild flowers at Corfe Castle

I really could go on forever, but I think I should stop or we could be here for a while.

I hope I have played a part in persuading you and even if you are not yet convinced on becoming member, I really hope you give one of their houses, castles, gardens or parks a try, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Stay tuned for more National Trust loving. I’d love to hear about your favourite National Trust place, just leave a comment or get in touch.

Lois x

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Alan B · October 9, 2017 at 12:17 pm

I love the national trust aswell. I think Nymans in Sussex is one place worth a visit. It is huge, complete with a burnt out mansion.
Your nine points are spot on.

loisswinnerton · October 19, 2017 at 6:53 pm

Thank you Alan! I will have to pay that one a visit one day, Lois

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